Send Us Your #ChrisMash Messages #MashLib

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck (c) Mark Liddell/Flickr

When it gets towards Christmas, even the grumpiest of people start saying nice things towards others. Ebenezer Scrooge is a great example of this. He gave people a big turkey for nothing – that’s how nice and guilty he was feeling at the time.

Well… we don’t want you to feel guilty, but what would be great is if you could create some kind of online Christmas message from yourself and send us a link to it, using the form below.

Maybe this message could be:

  • An e-card or an image
  • An alternative to the Queen’s Christmas message
  • A video
  • Even a piece of writing someone else has written online that conveys what you want to say.

Don’t feel limited to these ideas though – whatever takes your fancy.

Create what you want!

But, remember that it does need to have a URL so we can link to it.

This idea is open to anyone who wants to send a message – it doesn’t have to be just those people attending #ChrisMash.

And in true Mashed Libraries style these contributions will form part of a data mashy thing.

If you could provide them by 1st December that would be great.

Christmas Gorilla?


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