Show And Tell At #ChrisMash

So… I imagine you’re wondering what people are going to be talking about at ChrisMash?

How about:

  • Prezi’s under the Christmas tree.
  • Yuletide stuff-ings.
  • Mashing up your own images.
  • Decking the halls with QR-codes.
  • Folklore, fact, science, turkey, advocaatcy & more!
So far Owen Stephens, Phil Bradley & Gary Green (me) will be presenting, but if anyone else coming along wants to do a presentation or you’ve got something ChrisMashy to show everyone else please let me know. You’d be more than welcome to get involved. Just add your name and what you want to do as a comment to this blog post. Aim for your presentations to be between 5 & 10 minutes long.
... early i-pod for X-mas!

... early i-pod for X-mas! (c) x-ray delta one / Flickr


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