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Do You Want To Be One Of Santa’s Little Reference Helpers? #ChrisMash

December 12, 2011
I Saw Him!

I Saw Him! (c) fauxrealphotos/Flickr

Whilst trying to find the answer to the question “Can reindeer fly?” I reminded myself about It’s a place to ask questions and find answers… any questions. They even had the answer to my reindeer question:

Answer: Generally, reindeer can’t fly. Reindeer are mammals, and the only mammals that can truly fly are bats. (There are some species of squirrels and possums which have membranes of skin between their forelegs and ankles which they use to glide, but they can only go down, so they are not really flying.)

Except – Santa’s reindeer are different. It is said that the reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve can fly.
Whether it is only on that one night, once a year, or whether they are special reindeer which can fly all year ’round (not that they need to) is yet to be determined.

Pleased to see that they could answer my question I had a bit of a scout around and found so many unanswered Christmas questions on the site.

Things like:

Wouldn’t it be great if we (library and information bods) could answer as many of the unanswered questions on the site as possible before Christmas. It would be great to highlight the fact that the questions have been answered by Father Christmas’ Librarians. 🙂 I reckon this is a great opportunity just to show what great reference and information skills librarians and information professionals have.

So, why not give a few questions a go?

Go on! It’ll start to fill you with the spirit of Christmas. 🙂